Berkshire Scouts Mail Server Info

If your email is hosted by Berkshire Scouts, but not a address, then the following settings apply but for help you should contact the maintainer of your Group/District's website, rather than the County IT Team.

Username: full email address (e.g.
Password: a randomly generated one is given to you when the account is created - if forgotten it can be reset by the IT Team

All our servers require login with a username and password. The settings for this are different for each mail client - you should first consult a search engine, like Google, to try and find your settings; however if this fails then open a ticket and the IT Team will endeavour to assist you.

There is a webmail interface located at - once logged in you may also use the settings panel to change your password.

It's possible to set autoresponders through the webmail interface - instructions can be found here.